Nestled in the vibrant heart of Bulgaria, Veliko Tyrnovo EOOD stands at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, uniquely positioned to serve a diverse clientele across both continents. Our strategic location facilitates timely and efficient services, making us an attractive choice for businesses seeking the best of both worlds

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providers in the realm of textile equipment

As one of the foremost providers in the realm of textile equipment, we've curated a strong portfolio tailored to augment efficiency and productivity for your textile operations. Our in-depth understanding of the textile industry, coupled with a commitment to providing advanced equipment, makes us a trusted companion in your textile production journey

food storage

In our pursuit of excellence, we've also made significant inroads in the sphere of food storage. Our diverse range of solutions is focused on preserving and safeguarding food, designed with the singular goal of ensuring the freshness and quality of your food products

stock sales and purchases

Beyond our product offerings, Veliko Tyrnovo EOOD also extends its expertise to the sphere of stock sales and purchases. We believe in creating a hassle-free experience for our partners, offering guidance and support to ensure your financial transactions are smooth and secure


Our competency extends into the domain of logistics as well. With an emphasis on timeliness and safety, our transport services are engineered to ensure your goods are delivered in the best condition and at the right time

Choosing Veliko Tyrnovo EOOD means partnering with a company that values trust, collaboration, and shared growth. We strive to provide a comfortable and seamless experience for our partners, driven by our high-quality product offerings, exceptional customer service, and geographical advantage. Join us at Veliko Tyrnovo EOOD and let us work together to elevate your business. Experience the unique benefits of collaborating with a company positioned at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, and let's chart your success story together